Imperfections are Beauty

Welcome to the random(: The name is Ti'ana-Jade (create any nickname you'd like) 6720 days old! Go figure it out google guys. I love the gym, zombies, porn and my boyfriend of almost two years. <3 Enjoy the blog ;3

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Embarrass your best friend day, think was yesterday or whatever. Well here’s both brandi and I drowning. #tianaandbrandi

This, is my family. Everyone in those photos, and many that are not, I consider my own blood. It’s sad how some people don’t get to fully experience the love and connection a true family shares. We’re all different and crazy in our own unique ways. I love them with everything I have. With that love comes a sense of protection. You are to not disrespect anyone in this family. If people plan to be around us, they should know that disregard for any of my family members will not be tolerated, especially if I witness it. For those people that don’t know manners and respect, I pity you because all you really are are sad human beings just trying to get attention. Boy, do you get attention. Here’s my family everyone. Through thick and thin they will always be here. Blood will always be thicker than red hair dye. #oops

Good morning beautiful.

It’s still Thursday in hawaii so yea.
#tbt to prom because we were better than you. #lucasandtiana

I guess those 5am runs/walks are doing me some good? :D #BackOnInstaWhatsUp @xobrandimarie you can love me again (at Aunt Donnas Hizzle)

I do not regret this decision. .

Giants preseason game with the family. Off to a great start beating the Jets 35-24!!

This was exactly how I pictured LAX

There’s no sound but thank you to @one_and_only_ginga for nominating me!!!! I now nominate my dad @jvnavy70 my cousin joe, my friend Gabe, Brandi @xobrandimarie and uncle hira!

LOL HE’S GONNA HATE ME ONCE HE SEES THIS IN A MONTH but here’s a throwback of my airman from when he was adorably young and I just wanna pinch his cheeks in this picture lol can’t wait to see him again, less than a month away!!! #lucasandtiana

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