Imperfections are Beauty

Welcome to the random(: The name is Ti'ana-Jade (create any nickname you'd like) 6720 days old! Go figure it out google guys. I love the gym, zombies, porn and my boyfriend of almost two years. <3 Enjoy the blog ;3

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It’s still Thursday in hawaii so yea.
#tbt to prom because we were better than you. #lucasandtiana

I guess those 5am runs/walks are doing me some good? :D #BackOnInstaWhatsUp @xobrandimarie you can love me again (at Aunt Donnas Hizzle)

I do not regret this decision. .

Giants preseason game with the family. Off to a great start beating the Jets 35-24!!

This was exactly how I pictured LAX

There’s no sound but thank you to @one_and_only_ginga for nominating me!!!! I now nominate my dad @jvnavy70 my cousin joe, my friend Gabe, Brandi @xobrandimarie and uncle hira!

LOL HE’S GONNA HATE ME ONCE HE SEES THIS IN A MONTH but here’s a throwback of my airman from when he was adorably young and I just wanna pinch his cheeks in this picture lol can’t wait to see him again, less than a month away!!! #lucasandtiana

I couldn’t breathe, all of the ones with this design had the sharpied ‘ai’i ’ at the end xD (at Most Expensive Store USA)

Made In Hawaii festival today with the family (:

#flashbackfriday from the first little movie I worked on with Lucas and the crew lol this was so much fun and I miss everyone so much (: (at Middle of Nowhere Jersey)

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