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Swag game on point.

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Because I’m a loser and I miss him. Lol a picture of us taken way too long ago xD can’t wait till we’re back at it doing stupid shit lol #lucasandtiana #week1



apparently e.l. james called former child star mara wilson (matilda) a “sad f**k” for critiquing the 50shades books a while ago and now there’s a feud. i love it.



The detail on this is crazy



my old computer science teacher’s take on the “post your best pictures” trend

He liked it best when he was with Ron and Hermione and they we’re talking about other things, or else letting him sit in silence while they played chess. He felt as though all three of them had reached an understanding they didn’t need to put into words.

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all of the goals in one photo

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me praying and thanking the lord for this wonderful meal


did you just eat your girl out to hey arnold 

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